Bobby and Howard's Family

Floss, Bavaria, Germany



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Bertha), Bune Doppelmayer  4 Jul 1834Floss, Bavaria, Germany I2451
2 Doppelmayer, Abraham  12 Aug 1826Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6919
3 Doppelmayer, Bella  21 Jul 1820Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6917
4 Doppelmayer, David Hirsch  27 Feb 1816Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6937
5 Doppelmayer, Hundel "BabetteBarbara"  20 Jul 1828Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6918
6 Doppelmayer, Isaak  2 Mar 1840Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6933
7 Doppelmayer, Jakob "James"  8 Jan 1832Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6932
8 Doppelmayer, Jendel "YettaHennrietta"  1 Apr 1830Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6929
9 Doppelmayer, Joseph  10 Aug 1827Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6928
10 Doppelmayer, Lasse  21 Jan 1837Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6927
11 Doppelmayer, Meier Low  21 Mar 1814Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6961
12 Doppelmayer, Rebecka  2 Apr 1818Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6958
13 Doppelmeier, Abraham ben Meier  12 Feb 1762Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6952
14 Doppelmeier, David ben Jacob  Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6957
15 Doppelmeier, Feischel Ben Meier  15 Mar 1780Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6956
16 Doppelmeier, Jakob ben Meier  15 Oct 1754Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6979
17 Doppelmeier, Jendel  1800Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6978
18 Doppelmeier, Meier ben David  Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6977
19 Doppelmeier, Meriam  10 Apr 1784Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6955
20 Englander, Esther  1788Floss, Bavaria, Germany I7434
21 Gruenbaum, Kulla  1808Floss, Bavaria, Germany I8949
22 Hamburger, Abraham ben Honig  Abt 1780Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9167
23 Hamburger, Hennoch  23 May 1821Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9168
24 Hamburger, Honig ben David "Hennoch David"  Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9177
25 Hamburger, Meier ben Honig  Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9171
26 Hamburger, Moses  24 May 1822Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9172
27 Hamburger, Rosel  18 May 1819Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9153
28 Honig, Bessel "Edel"  Abt 1773Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9895
29 Konigshofer, Buna "Bettina"  1799Floss, Bavaria, Germany I11696
30 Rosenstein, Jakob  12 Mar 1832Floss, Bavaria, Germany I15213
31 Rosenstein, Marie  19 Apr 1869Floss, Bavaria, Germany I15219
32 Rosenstein, VeitFeischel  6 Apr 1792Floss, Bavaria, Germany I15216


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Doppelmayer, Joseph  4 Sep 1827Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6928
2 Doppelmeier, Abraham ben Meier  16 Aug 1829Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6952
3 Doppelmeier, David ben Jacob  UNKNOWNFloss, Bavaria, Germany I6957
4 Doppelmeier, Feischel Ben Meier  30 Jun 1829Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6956
5 Doppelmeier, Jakob ben Meier  14 Nov 1828Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6979
6 Doppelmeier, Jendel  16 Aug 1829Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6978
7 Doppelmeier, Meier ben David  UNKNOWNFloss, Bavaria, Germany I6977
8 Doppelmeier, Meriam  29 Oct 1863Floss, Bavaria, Germany I6955
9 Englander, Esther  3 May 1874Floss, Bavaria, Germany I7434
10 Gruenbaum, Kulla  3 Sep 1871Floss, Bavaria, Germany I8949
11 Hamburger, Abraham ben Honig  2 Aug 1870Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9167
12 Hamburger, Hennoch  16 Nov 1893Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9168
13 Hamburger, Meier ben Honig  Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9171
14 Hamburger, Moses  Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9172
15 Hamburger, Rosel  25 May 1858Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9153
16 Honig, Bessel "Edel"  9 Jun 1848Floss, Bavaria, Germany I9895
17 Konigshofer, Buna "Bettina"  Jul 1834Floss, Bavaria, Germany I11696
18 Rosenstein, VeitFeischel  25 Dec 1866Floss, Bavaria, Germany I15216


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Doppelmayer / Gruenbaum  4 Feb 1836Floss, Bavaria, Germany F2260
2 Doppelmeier / Lazarus  6 May 1783Floss, Bavaria, Germany F2264
3 Rosenstein / Doppelmeier  3 Jan 1832Floss, Bavaria, Germany F5067